Harold Brothers Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Harold Brothers Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a privately held mechanical construction company in Eastern Massachusetts. Being a full service organization we are able to provide total mechanical construction including HVAC, process piping, refrigeration, plumbing, fire protection, pre-fabrication, rigging, energy management and temperature control. We provide our customers with a single company able to offer a comprehensive approach to their mechanical systems.

Harold Brothers Mechanical Contractors, Inc. prides itself as an open shop mechanical contractor with a well trained labor force, an essential element to the success of Harold Brothers operation. We are strongly committed to providing our employees with the right tools and training to do their jobs efficiently both in the office and in the field. This translates into cost effective solutions for our customers. We have also invested heavily in our equipment, technology and facilities. These efforts and resources, guided by some of the best project managers, engineers, estimators and CAD people in the industry have made Harold Brothers a financially strong, consistently reliable mechanical contractor of choice for our customers regardless of the complexity, schedule or location of the project.