Skating Club Of Boston

Norwood, MA

Plumbing and HVAC

HVAC – The Skating Club of Boston work included self-contained outdoor DX Roof Tops, 100% OA Energy Recovery Units. We also provided a Hot Water Heating Plant for the building heat and reheats at the building terminal units, the plant consists of Condensing Boilers and pumps, Boilers are sequenced for alternating usage to help prolong the life span of each piece of equipment. Each conference room including Café seating and the Dance studio have CO2 in addition to temperature controls to help maintain a clean environment for everyone. We are also providing the installation portion of each ice rink, which will produce some of the best ice in the Northeast! As this project was underway we encountered multiple challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic our country has faced, HBMI and its subcontractors worked closely with the Equipment manufactures to assure the project deadlines were met and the anticipated construction schedule was maintained.

Plumbing – We installed a complete underground sanitary, kitchen waste and garage waste system to pick up the trench drains in the Zamboni areas. On the above ground work we installed a sanitary waste system for all plumbing fixtures along with a kitchen waste system going to all commercial kitchens and food serving areas. The domestic water piping in the building is serving all the bathrooms and kitchen areas, along with the mechanical rooms for the domestic hot water for the building. The domestic water system also serves through a back flow preventing device the mechanical equipment for the heating system along with supplying water to the chiller equipment for the ice surface. The natural gas system that is installed serves the domestic hot water heaters, the boilers and roof top units for the heating system, along with the equipment used in chiller systems to make the ice for the rinks.

  • General Contractor – J. Calnan
  • Owner – Skating Club of Boston
  • Architect – Troika
  • Engineer – AHA
  • Duration – Completed 2020

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